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“I use Solvatten twice per day. Without it my life would be very difficult. My child would go hungry as I would need to use more time for fetching firewood, preparing meals and boil and heat up water.  It is a saviour to me”.








Caring for farming or managing a business to provide for one’s family requires both time and good health. Salome and David live in two separate households in the village Kamwathu, Tharaka District in Kenya. The two individuals differ in age and family situation. Still, they face similar problems caused by the bad quality of water in the nearby river.

Salome is 25 years old and lives with her parents and her two-year-old brother. Her family, as well as many others in the community, used to drink and use raw water from the lake which has caused severe sickness. To constantly suffer from illness has been expensive due to the lost time needed for taking care of their land for income. The family’s economic situation has prevented Salome from continuing her studies, as the family couldn’t afford to pay for her education. Instead, she helps her parents with their farming and takes care of her younger brother.

The same reason has prevented David from making a profit out of his business in the Gacorooni shopping center, where he runs a small shop. He has spent much time worrying and taking care of himself, his wife and their two children in times of sickness instead of keeping his business running.

In March 2017, Salome and Davids families where two out of 1400 families receiving Solvatten through Nores and their members’ contributions! Since then, the families’ situations has turned around. Both explain that the clean, hot water prevents sickness and frees valuable time! Now, Salome’s family can take better care of their land and cattle and Davids shop is finally generating an income for his wife and their children.