Solvatten at World Water Week on August 23rd​

HOW HOT & SAFE DRINKING AND DOMESTIC WATER CAN SAVE THE WORLD Solvatten at World Water Week on August 23rd Join Petra Wadström in SIWI storytelling session 2021. 23 August 19:30-20:30 pm or 10.30-11.30 am (PT)   The temperature of domestic water matters more than imagined. If the energy for heating this water is from a […]

World Refugee Day – June 20th

UNHCR & Solvatten IMPROVED LIVING CONDITIONS IN UGANDAN REFUGEE SETTLEMENTS World Refugee Day – June 20th Last year, the number of forcibly displaced people in the world reached 80 million, and over 26 million refugees, for the first time in recorded history. Out of these, close to 1,5 million people live as refugees in Uganda. […]

New Partnership with ChildFund Kenya

For Children’s Rights NEW PARTNERSHIP WITH CHILDFUND KENYA AND BARNFONDEN Health and Security for Children Poor access to safe water and hygiene are the most basic factors behind illnesses among children in the world. Globally, children and their mothers spend a total of 200 hours every day to fetch water and carry it home. In […]

Viva Wine Group and Solvatten

Enable Positive Synergies VIVA WINE GROUP IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SOLVATTEN Sustainable transports for social development Perhaps the most important goal within UN’s SDGs is number 17 – Partnerships for the Goals. This is key in order for humanity to reach every goal within Agenda 2030. Another important part is to find synergies between the goals […]

Covid-19, Climate and Gender Equality

ENVIRONMENT AND HUMAN RIGHTS Covid-19, Climate and Gender Equality During the past year, Covid-19 has changed our habits, relations, work conditions, and way of living. Around the world, people suffer socially and financially due to limitations and restrictions in our everyday life. However, we must not forget the effects on the most vulnerable groups and […]

Women Entrepreneurship Day

Female Entrepreneurs EQUALITY AND DEVELOPMENT Women Entrepreneurship Day According to the UN women perform, on average, 2.6 times more unpaid work compared to men which affects their opportunities to earn an equal income. Most of this time is spent on household chores, such as collecting water and firewood, taking care of children – and heating or […]

Petra Wadström nominated Swedish Environmental Hero

Petra Wadström

THE INNOVATOR BEHIND SOLVATTEN Nominated Swedish Environmental Hero Each year, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shares stories about everyday heroes who have somehow showed great civil courage, support and compassion for other human beings and nature. Among these, a jury later nominates seven “Swedish Heroes” in different categories: citizen of the year, environmental hero, care hero, life saviour and youth heroes.    […]

Solvatten Occasion Gift Card

Support families with Solvatten GIVE WATER, SAVE LIVES Occasion Gift Card Collection One in eight people in the world live without access to clean water. In our web shop, you can find our Occasion Gift Card Collection which makes it easy for you to be a part of the solution. For corporate gift giving, for […]

Solvatten in Uganda – Improved health and COVID-19 response

Aiding refugee settlements and their host communities IMPROVED HEALTH AND COVID-19 RESPONSE PLAN International and UNHCR in Uganda After several years of experience working in Uganda, our current partnerships with PLAN International and UNHCR are focusing on children’s rights, education and WASH activities within the ongoing Covid-19 response.  As one of the world’s least developed […]

Top list 100 Swedish Green Influentials

PETRA WADSTRÖM Top list of 100 Swedish Green Influentials Petra Wadström, inventor and founder of Solvatten, got a 16th place on the Top 100 list for Swedens Most Influential Person for the Environment.  The list consist of influentials that are making real change for the environment. Congratulations! See the complete list here Explore Collaborations