8 ways Solvatten stands out against other solutions

8 ways Solvatten stands out against other solutions SOLVATTEN NEWS The Solvatten product saves cost versus than other water purification solutions like filter/chemicals and water heaters. There is no need for spare parts, batteries or supplies are needed, just sunlight. Other solar products mostly rely on batteries with low durability. The water treated by a […]

Better life in Tanzania

SOLVATTEN NEWS Better life in Tanzania Text excerpts from report by Bengt Gustafsson, Nykvarns Rotary club. 5,000 people, mostly women and children under 5 years can now how access to have, clean and hot water at home for up to 10 years. These very poorest have benefitted from the effort made by several Rotary clubs, […]

What is the secret Sweden?

SOLVATTEN NEWS What is the secret Sweden? Solvatten is one of the many swedish innovative solutions mentioned in this publication from the Swedish Institute. Download your pdf version here! Explore Collaborations

Clean Water Improves Health in the Short and Long Term

Clean Water Improves Health in the Short and Long Term SOLVATTEN NEWS Apoteket has sought a suitable way to take responsibility for its climate impact as well as to increase the pace of its sustainability work. With Solvatten as climate compensation, trees can remain instead of being cut down for firewood. This means that more […]

Shared Value

Shared Value Partnerships SOLVATTEN NEWS Everybody Can Contribute These are simple conditions such as giving birth at a hospital, plant trees or build latrines in their communities, among others. By setting these requirements NGOs can have more incentives to deliver their work in public health, education and the protection of the environment.  As a social […]

Water matters

Water Matters SOLVATTEN NEWS Jordi Albacete – Environmental Journalist “Every drop is precious”. This was the slogan under which the Nobel Week Dialogue Water Matters took place last 9 December in Stockholm. The Nobel organisation aimed to focus on  actions to solve global problems affecting water. Nobel Laureates attended this event together with scientists, experts, key […]

Safe, Affordable Water for Children Creates Better Health

Safe, Affordable Water for Children Creates Better Health SOLVATTEN NEWS Mothers Bear the Responsibility Mwana Lima is a single mother of four; one of which was born with a disability. She lives in a small village in Kwale County in Southern Kenya. Her village lies on a thin, coral layer just above sea level. Sanitation […]

Solvatten Policy (eng)

Privacy Policy Solvatten.org For customers, donors, end users and other stakeholders. Solvatten AB, No. 556706-7318, (Solvatten) and Solvatten Charitable Foundation, acting in this matter under “Solvatten.org”, protects your personal information and strives to treat and protect this data in the best possible way. This privacy policy describes how Solvatten.org handles and processes your personal data in […]

Solvatten’s data och integritetspolicy

SOLVATTEN NEWS Solvatten’s data och integritetspolicy Integritetspolicy Solvatten AB För kunder, givare, slutanvändare och övriga intressenter.  Solvatten AB (Solvatten) värnar om dina personuppgifter och strävar efter att behandla och skydda dessa på bästa sätt. Denna integritetspolicy beskriver hur Solvatten hanterar och behandlar dina personuppgifter, i enlighet med EU:s dataskyddsförordning (GDPR, EU Regulation 2016/679), som ersatt […]