Big-hearted climate investments

By replacing use of wood and fossil fuels Solvatten reduces deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions.  Now the distribution of Solvatten can be financed through climate investments by companies and individuals.

Solvatten will be distributed and used in projects generating high quality carbon offsets – Gold Standard VERs*.  The sales of carbon offsets will subsidise Solvatten so that even those with the lowest incomes can buy the technology.  Solvatten AB is now developing projects with several local partners in Africa in collaboration with the Swiss foundation myclimate and their Swedish representative U&We Zeromission.


”We are thrilled to offer this unique form of climate compensation that offers a combination of both carbon offsets and social benefits with Solvatten. We  believe this concept will attract customers who believe in a hollistic approach to lower their carbon footprint. Solvatten is a tool to reach the UN Millenium Development Goals” 

– Mårten Lind, U&We.


Gold Standard VER’s (verified emission reductions) are recognized as the highest quality emission reduction units in the voluntary carbon market.




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