Carbon offsets

Why should we climate compensate? Everything we do has an impact on the environment. On average the impact on the climate in Sweden is 11 tonnes CO2 per year, according to the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Reducing our climate footprint is important, but sometimes we simply cannot avoid emissions. Climate compensation for CO2 emissions with SOLVATTEN is a concrete way of taking responsibility for our emissions. With the power of the sun, we can create a sustainable future for all.

Solar energy and clean water

SOLVATEN is good for humans, the environment and the climate. First of all, the user can clean water. This reduces the use of wood or coal, which is otherwise required to heat up and boil water. This means that trees that would otherwise be used for fuel can remain and the forest is preserved. Solvatten also helps more people become aware of how much better and easier it is to use renewable energy compared to wood burning. It is a concrete step forward that drives sustainable development.

The day when life began to improve. Users in Kenya at training.

Easy to measure and follow up

When you climate-compensate with Solvatten, this means that greenhouse gas emissions are decreasing. 1 pcs Solvatten can give the user about 40,000 liters of clean and hot water. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 7 tonnes during the lifetime of Solvatten (7 years). The calculations for this are found in the Gold Standard methodology “Technologies and Practices to Displace Decentralized Thermal Energy Consumption” [link]. We have close collaborations with local aid organizations that keep track of the project’s implementation, follow-up and evaluation.

More than fair

Climate-compensating for their emissions with Solvatten is more than fair as it helps families in climate-affected countries. Since it is the rich countries that historically bear the main responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions, while the poor are the worst affected.

Do you want to compensate for climate with Solvatten? Contact us and we will tell you more!

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