Inspire to Empower

case Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Soroptimists’ have previously provided communities with clean, hot water through Solvatten in Nepal and a number of African countries. In their latest projects, they were especially dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable in four Kenyan cities; Kisumu, Meru, Maseno and Nakuru – each project with a twist of its own.

This is historical! I’ve been solely depending on my wife because of my dysfunctional hands and legs. Solvatten is making me more independent! Also, I can give back to the community by offering them safe water for drinking.

— Patrick Gitonga, Meru

In the city of Meru Solvatten was distributed through the local Neema Group – a support group for people with disabilities. The members of the group face hard difficulties in most of their daily chores and many are completely dependent on family members help. As a result of the heavy felling of trees, the area is facing environmental destruction. A project called ”Fruitable Water Source” combined the issues in one solution through Solvatten! The condition was to plant 10 trees on one’s farm, in exchange for a Solvatten unit. The planted trees will have a positive effect as they will provide shade and fruit as a source of income, and the demand for cutting down remaining trees decrease. A win-win solution for people and planet!

Water scarcity is a major issue in this village. Solvatten will help us to keep waterborne diseases at bay and save on the fuel we use to boil water for drinking. We will also save have fewer hospital visits related to waterborne diseases.”

— Margret Ninju, Nakuru

We fetch dirty water from the river and use firewood to boil it so that it is safe for drinking has been very difficult. Solvatten will solve these problems and increase our ability to save money within the Women’s Group in order to support others.”

— Rose Auma Juma, Chairlady, Gita Women’s Group

The Soroptimists’ fundraisings set great, inspiring examples of what we can accomplish when working together! One of their projects in Kenya was caught in Reuters in February 2018.

Do you want Inspire to Empower? Here are three examples of what you can do:

  • Join or support the organizations working with Solvatten
  • Start a fundraising of your own with colleagues or through an association of your interest
  • Plan a special event for fundraising in your community


Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to get involved!


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