Sweetie Hair Salon

case Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sweetie Hair Salon is situated on Aoko road in the southern part of Nairobi. Dorcus Ngina Kioko is the proprietor/owner of the salon. She offers hair beauty and barber services to her customers. Dorcus wakes up early to attend to her customers as they go to work. In the morning she displays her Solvatten unit in the sun for water treatment for drinking and washing her clients hair. In about two hour she has about 10 litres of hot water to wash her customers hair. She continues to heat her water throughout the day. Her customers are happy because they also get safe free drinking water.  
The Solvatten device has lessened her use of electricity and gas. This money is enough to buy milk for 40 days – another benefit of improved diet for her child. The savings have further enabled her hire two more workers – creating jobs and training. Every day they attend to about ten customers. She now pays her workers on time as previously she had to pay her electricity bills first. She is able to pay herself and pay her son’s school fees. She also uses Solvatten water in her homestead – making more savings. Her six year old son hardly gets sick anymore and she gets more savings from less use of fuel and or buying bottled water.

One of the contributing companies to this project is Björn Axén, a swedish hair care brand.


  • Nairobi


  • Björn Axén