Extra shine when washing cars at OKQ8

case Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Creating shared value (CSV) partnerships is at the core of Solvatten. OKQ8 Scandinavia is a great example of this. OKQ8 in Scandinavia has allowed Solvatten for four years to support families in need in Uganda with Solvatten.

Swedes wash over 30 million cars per year, and 2/3 of these washes takes place on the street. This means that heavy metals, oil spills, degreasers, car shampoo and wax goes into the environment. By using car washes instead we can avoid that it seeps into the normal water drainage. For every car wash a person makes at a OKQ8 service station you will also help a family in Uganda that is living without clean water. Today over 1200 families (over 7000 people) have safe water and a better life. This number is steadily increasing by the increasing sales of car washes and it builds customer loyalty to the OKQ8 brand.



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