How Our Projects Work

Solvatten works in partnership with global and local organizations, foundations, companies and governments to connect millions of people to safe and hot water. Our partners are essential in the process of connecting Solvatten to the people who need it most. Become the solution to safe, sustainable water.

Project Step-by-Step

To make a project, we follow a series of simple steps…


First, make a thorough needs assessment. For instance, a project may aim to increase the availability of clean and hot water in off-grid households using renewable energy. Consider what the potential benefits may be and set clear indicators to assess them.


Larger shipments are sent by sea and, depending on the destination, can take 1-2 months to arrive. Air freight is only possible for specific cases. Partner organizations with tax-exemption status typically find import cheaper and easier.

Community Outreach

The partner organization makes the necessary preparations and meets with stake holders—local government, village chiefs, and other relevant people—to make sure Solvatten will be well received.

Training Workshop

Solvatten will conduct a training session over Skype with the project managers or other relevant people who will be distributing Solvatten. This is the perfect time for questions from the project partner to ensure they are able to answer questions from users.

Distribution to Households

Distributors note each receiver of Solvatten for record keeping. They explain how to use Solvatten and if possible, have a follow up visit (individual or group) to make sure Solvatten is being used to its full potential.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Follow-up visits and surveys should be made to measure the usage of Solvatten and ensure it is being used to its full potential. Evaluate how Solvatten is impacting the indicators chosen. (For further reading, see Solvatten Social Return on Investment Thesis.)


Project reporting can be done in many ways. Sometimes a written report is easiest; sometimes a webinar or a video may be the best way to present the project.

The voices of users are always important to hear—they are the carriers of everyday Sunshine Stories.

Setting up a project from start to finish takes time and energy. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it for everyone involved.
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