Access to clean, warm water at home reduces eye infections

story Wednesday, September 26, 2018

260 million people struggle with low vision needlessly. Water is a key element to reduce blindness.

Risk when living without access to electricity and clean water

Not only are germs transmitted by unclean water, but they can also spread when people don’t have clean water to wash their faces, hands, clothing or other bacteria-carrying surfaces. Luckily, there are ways to prevent infections from germs. Solvatten and Operation Eyesight Universal are working together to improve health and hygiene, preventing the spread of bacterial infections like trachoma, a blinding eye disease.

Our co-lab is taking place in Narok County, Kenya, where there is a high prevalence of trachoma. Through strategic collaboration, we’re focusing on health, renewable energy and empowerment of women. We believe in building strong and sustainable partnerships with private companies, NGOs and the public sector to achieve a sustainable future for all.



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