Ever tried Baobab Tree Juice?

story Tuesday, May 2, 2017

When traveling in central parts of Kenya it is hard to miss the impressive Baobab tree. You see them on the hillsides casting long and soothing shadows. Animals and people enjoy its shade. On a recent visit to Taraka, near Mount Kenya where we work with the communities to provide Solvatten, we were also offered to drink juice from the fruit of the tree, and its taste was amazing. It’s hard to describe, but the closest comparison is a combination of apple and pomegranate.

During training workshops, where we conduct training for how to use Solvatten, we also share advice on how to incorporate clean, hot water in business generating activities. For instance juice-making from the Baobab Tree fruit gets easier and better with access to clean and hot water. The women cooperative GreenGold Cottage in Marimanti are now exploring how to make as much use of Solvatten as possible. We now hope that this collaboration can get more people to try this amazing juice from a magical Kenyan tree. Stay tuned for more!