Improving health in Zanzibar

story Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Swedish association Backa Kulturförening has been supporting a local health clinic in Uroa, Zanzibar,  since 2006. There fundraising activities have enabled the purchase of fundamental medical equipment for the maternal health care clinic. In 2012, 72 Solvatten units were sent to the clinics, to be distributed amongst new mothers and patients without access to safe water. These new owners of Solvatten were also trained in how to use their unit, and how to store water safely. A small number units have been kept by the clinics to fulfill their safe, hot water needs.

The distribution of the units is led by nurse Siuji Omar. After Solvatten was introduced in the area, she has recorded significant improvements in the health of users. She reports that the number of patients seeking treatment for diarrhoeal diseases has dropped dramatically. Backa kultutförening remains committed in their support for the clinic in Uroa, and they have undertaken a range of fundraising activities to help send more Solvatten units to those who need them most.