Operation Eyesight Kenya Reporting on Solvatten’s Real Impacts

story Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Operation Eyesight visited in May the Narok County in Kenya where 432 families are using Solvatten kits. The report shows how Solvatten has helped women to save not only money but time that they can use better for other economic activities and leisure. Jackline is a mother of three and for her Solvatten kit is a ‘miracle worker’, she says. Jackline has saved money spent on charcoal and firewood. Now her children enjoy the taste of water, so they drink it more and are healthier. Their hygiene has also improved as a result of having hot baths.

Saving money spent on charcoal to pay her children’s school fees is the life changing result for Elizabeth Kilayo. She is also a mother of three. Elizabeth used to visit the health clinic due to typhoid, persistent abdominal pains and bouts of diarrhoea. She used to spend up to 20 US dollars every month in treatments. Now she can’t remember the last time she went to the clinic. With the money that she’s saving she pays her kid’s school fees and other household needs.

Hygiene and safe washing up is being other the successful outcomes of using Solvatten in the Narok County. Nasuju Ntaiya is a grandmother of ten. She doesn’t worry about boiling water for bathing anymore. She even uses Solvatten to wash the utensils to keep her family safe.

Ronald Kefa from Operation Eyesight Kenya has witnessed how giving Solvatten as reward for those who construct latrines is being an effective strategy and the organisation is expecting more of these facilities to be constructed in the next quarter.


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