The “Magic Jerry Can” in Uganda

story Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In order to improve health and working conditions for coffee farmers around Kampala in Uganda, Löfbergs Lila has enabled Solvatten by working with HNRS. Clean, hot water can be a valuable workplace benefit for people living in areas where the water sources are highly polluted.

One of the coffee farmers who has been trained to teach and demonstrate Solvatten is Lusagala Josephate. Josephate lives in Bukuya village, where many walk up to 10 km every day to fetch water because of the poor quality of water in the nearby sources. In addition, the community struggles with a scarcity of firewood. He tells us that most families have planted trees to provide the coffee trees with shade. They have feared that they would have to cut them down in need for firewood to boil water, which would cause damage to the plantations.

I have advised people to boil their water even though I was aware of the difficulties due to the scarcity of fuels. Solvatten came when we needed it the most!”

– Jane Bumba Namuddu, trained Solvatten demonstrator and health worker


Since Solvatten was introduced to the farmers, many have witnessed the dramatic changes. The number of diseases has decreased and the felling of trees as well. During the picking season, the time for families’ household chores is very limited. Most women bring their Solvatten to their farms during the days, to heat and treat water while they are working.

I am proud to promote Solvatten. I have heard that many farmers are planning on buying one after the next harvest in July and I think the fishermen are starting to show interest too.”

– Ahamed Walugeembe

Ahamed lives in the village Mityana, close to lake Wamala. He explains that the members of the community has used polluted water from the lake for as long as he can remember. After Ahamed had witnessed the positive effects of using Solvatten, he has promoted Solvatten to other people in the village.

I am very grateful and happy to be drinking safe water now! I call it my Magic Jerry Can.”

– Mutumba Steven

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