Solvatten building resilience in Tharaka

story Thursday, March 2, 2017

We work with International Aid Service (IAS) in Tharaka. Tharaka is a semi-arid region where people suffer from a high prevalence of waterborne diseases. About 80% of the population in this county depends on farming and these households are vulnerable due to their dependence on natural resources, particularly water and pasture for their survival. The project is assisting the community in Tharaka North and Nithi County, which consists of approximately 420,000 people. The target population will be from 2 villages, namely; Maragwa and Kamwathu.

One of the beneficiaries, James Nyamu is the treasure of Manyirani Farmers Self-Help Group (MFSHG). James owns a wood workshop and his wife is a peasant farmer. They practice subsistence and horticultural farming through which they get their daily food and some income. James have managed to get one Solvatten container which they use at home to heat and treat their drinking water.

I have been using a lot of money on de-wormers and waterborne diseases due to use of the Kathita river water which we also use for irrigation. With Solvatten in the house, we can save a lot and health is better! – James Nyamu