Solvatten in northern Kenya

story Monday, September 12, 2016

Turkana, is one of the poorest regions of Kenya, where water resources are scarce and prone to contamination. Since the start in Turkana Solvatten have now reached +20.000 families, working together with Lutheran World Federation, Unicef and Norwegian Refugee Council. Below are two testimonials that highlight the positive impact Solvatten has had on families in the Turkana region.

I have found Solvatten to be much more effective than boiling water and the water has no smell. It has saved me time for doing other things and I can use the hot water when preparing dinner for my children when they return from school in the afternoon. My children only drink the water from Solvatten now days.
— Jane Akatapan, 24, mother of two

Before I had Solvatten, I used to boil water and fetch more fire-wood both for heating, cooking and drinking water, but now that I have Solvatten I use less fire-wood for cooking because the pre-heated water takes less time to boil. I often use Solvatten twice a day and the extra water is useful for washing when it is cold.
— Wilhemina Akatapan, 28, mother of five