The Village of Kunkujang Mariama

story Friday, December 8, 2017

There is a village located in the West Coast Region of the Gambia with a household settlement of over 150. Most families depend on subsistence farming for survival. Thanks to the Soroptimists and the Seniors Without Boarders Solvatten is now being used in Kunkujang Mariama. Reports describes a rush of demand for Solvatten. Villagers already acknowledge a lot of benefits such as:

– Drinking safe water
– Use clean and hot water for cooking food for the family
– Lessing of babies catching diarrohea
– Freeing time for the girl child to pay attention to school rather than having to go to fetch firewood and water all the time

The village committee is selling one Solvatten for D500 (SEK100) and the money will be accounted for with the intention of having it played back to the development of KM.

Some of the beneficiaries in the community describes what Solvatten is doing for them:

“First of all I wish to thank Soroptimists and the Seniors without Boarders, (SWB) for their support to Kunkujang Mariama not only with the Solvatten Project but also with the Women vegetable Garden, the School and our market which is still been worked on. The Solvatten has made my family healthy we now have safe water to drink.”

 Mrs Maria Mendy- House wife

“I have over six children, before nearly all of them suffer from diarrohea and other ailments but since I started using the Solvatten for drinking, this is has been minimised significantly. I am grateful to the sponsors”.

Mrs Ya Tuti Mendy- House wife

“Using the Solvatten is simple and very economical for my family. I will use this Solvatten for a long time”.

Mr Patrick Bola Mendy- Family head


Kunkujang Mariama is a village located in the West Coast region of The Gambia with a household settlement of over 150. The Kunkujang Mariama community is mainly a peasant community where most families depend on subsistence agriculture for survival. The community is widely characterised by a lot of development challenges such as the lack of health services, electricity, good roads and pipe borne water.

Solvatten Project

As part of SWB’s development assistance to the community of Kunkujang Mariama, Solvatten were donated to SWB for the benefit of KM community. The rationale/objective behind the project is to tackle the problem of not having safe drinking water for family households in Kunkujang Mariama; which has ramifications on the health of the population in the community, environment and income.