Doris is an inspiration for many women in Naruk, Kenya. She chairs a CBO called Mayatta Cultural Troupe with more than 100 women that fight against Female Genital Mutilation, (FGM), advocate against teen pregnancy and underage marriages. She is also a spearhead and role model by helping girls to be able to go to school. She is one of the many Kenyan empowering women that we march with, side by side.

Current Progress Will Take 200 Years for Gender Equality

This International Women Day we want to celebrate but also remind of the efforts needed to achieve real gender equality. UN gives an estimate that with the current pace, it will take 202 years before gender equality has been achieved. For more in-depth about how far we are behind, listen to Lise Kingo, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact on this podcast here

Practical Action 

Women and girls often bear primary responsibility for providing water, energy, sanitation and housekeeping. Solvatten is already changing this reality in many places. We recently visited Kenya and we want to share with you the impact that Solvatten is having on people and their communities.


March 8 Newsletter

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