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How many times do you use it, really?

There is strong evidence that Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) interventions are highly cost-effective compared to other health interventions, using standardized measures of US$ per DALY averted (one lost year of “healthy” life). (See DFID Study)



It is important to understand to what extent people use Solvatten – both the ease of learning  how to use it and the consistency of use over time in various contexts. We collect data that helps us understand how the project is proceeding and to make recommendations for improvements. In addition, usage information helps us to understand the environmental benefits in-depth, the value created, and the solution’s cost-effectiveness. This data ultimately determines the success of the project.



To ensure we are accurately tracking the actual environmental impact Solvatten has on the climate project, we use a number of tools and methodologies including:



  • A unique ID number on each Solvatten
  • Digital user registration and apps for offline data collection in the field
  • Data collection on usage
  • 3rd-party verification on energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions

Transparency of results adds value, especially to partners and clients that purchase Solvatten to offset carbon emissions. Every dollar invested in a Solvatten Climate Project will be used for cost-effective and practical climate action. With these measurable results and the power of the sun, a sustainable future can be realized.




See how Solvatten impacted climate change in Tharaka


Solvatten users are the real climate heroes

The users of Solvatten are the ones making an important change in their daily life, switching from traditional use of traditional fuel sources to solar. This is an important and praise-worthy evolution.


To collect quality data from the field, our partners work in close partnership with local governments, community health volunteers, local health clinics and village leaders.  In our Climate Project, all Solvatten are registered and monitored digitally, in combination with household visits and third party verification. In some projects, we encourage the users themselves to report their daily usage by SMS – when possible. 

More ways Solvatten has Improved Lives

The urgency of reducing climate pollutions

Science Say Atmosphere Needs CO2 Reductions

Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approve of the use of offsetting for Scope 3 emissions. A good thing for innovation and climate financing to activities that makes real impact such as the Solvatten Gold Standard climate project in Kenya.

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