Solvatten improves lives

Our main objective is to decrease waterborne and hygiene-related diseases in off-grid regions by providing access to safe, hot water using 100% renewable solar energy. Achieving this goal improves families’ health and economic conditions, and decreases dependence on firewood for their most primary needs. So far, Solvatten has reached more than 400,000 people through various programs and partnerships all over the world.

We are always focused on adding value to our programs through partnerships and community-based initiatives related to education, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), equality, environment, or climate. Some ways we achieve this include integrating Solvatten into projects running in schools, into initiatives focused on the safety of women, with organizations focused on reducing deforestation, and with programs that create safe water storage or “Tippy Taps” for easy hand washing.

Current projects


How our projects work

Our partners are essential in the process of connecting Solvatten to the people who need us most. Here are the steps we take to achieve our goals. 


Field work and implementation

We are focused on reaching the UN’s 2030 plan and time is of the essence. We can quickly ramp production to deliver as many as 10,000 Solvatten units per month. Once the units are delivered, we can provide the services needed to quickly get the units up and working communities they will serve – whether that’s training, translation services, transportation, or other support.


See the value created by 10,000 units. See how it will have effect on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) further down. 

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