Make a difference

Be part of something bigger

We invite everybody to join our mission to give more people access to safe water. There are numerous fundraising platforms that will help get your message across and start raising funds for the cause. Create your own personal fundraising page on Facebook, start a GoFundMe or Causes campaign; gather some friends and host a Run4Water.


There are so many creative ways to help raise funds! Feel free to contact us for more ideas, fundraising tools or advice.

Fundraising tips

Be the change you want to see

  1. Get started today
  2. Be the first one to donate to your fundraiser.  Your commitment will encourage others to do the same.  It won’t take long before others are following suit!
  3. Share your story on social media
  4. Engage friends, family members, colleagues, or others of interest
  5. Say thank you!
"I travel to Tanzania regularly and my heart is with Iiushi, a small community near Lake Victoria. I always bring Solvatten as gifts - it makes my heart warm"
Annica Triberg, Kalmar, Sweden
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