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By partnering with Solvatten you are contributing to bringing safe hot water to those who need it the most, and at the same time you are contributing to a more sustainable world and lifestyle. Partnering with us will help strengthen your brand and demonstrate your commitment to important causes.


Change for the climate
Solvatten is a sustainable, cost-effective solution to this problem. Instead of buying expensive and polluting fuels to heat and treat water, solar energy is absorbed by Solvatten and generates safe hot water for the user. Solvatten is a carbon-neutral solution. Furthermore, reducing or eliminating dependence on wood as an energy source leaves trees standing and lessens the risk of deforestation.


Change your brand profile
Corporate social responsibility programs are vital for raising brand profiles, showing customers that you recognise your impact on the wider world and fostering a positive work environment.


Change in emerging markets
Emerging markets are a key area where Solvatten offers support. By way of example, East Africa’s agricultural and textile industries are set to develop exponentially, with the creation of over 200,000 jobs in Kenya alone. Solvatten is able to support manufacturers by safeguarding their workforce against water-related diseases and illnesses.

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