Make a difference for people, the environment, and climate

Partnerships are key to creating a sustainable future for all. By working with Solvatten, you will contribute to the essential goal of bringing safe and hot water to those who need it the most while you help create a more sustainable world. Some of the opportunities include:

Corporate Partnership

Sustainability targets create business value, and companies stand to lose big financially if they don’t act. Now Solvatten can be a solid addition to your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and can serve as a tool to improve working conditions within supply chains. Collaborate with us, and let’s improve the lives of people and positively impact the environment. Read more here.

Corporate Giving

Are you looking for a meaningful gift idea? Giving clean water is appreciated by companies, clients, and staff—sustainable gift-giving for holidays. Read more about corporate gifts that really matters.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Increase the share of renewable energy globally and improve socio-economic conditions for those most affected by the climate crisis. The climate benefits from Solvatten’s projects are verified and can be used in a company’s sustainability report or for private use. Read more here.

Foundations, NGOs or fundraising organisations

Collaborations make the world a better place. Foundations, NGOs and fundraising organizations can buy Solvatten for their own projects from Solvatten AB or plan for projects together with Solvatten Charitable Foundation. Read more about how a Solvatten Project can be implemented here, or contact us.


Support the Solvatten project with a donation, buy a sustainable gift card, or create a birthday fundraiser for one of our projects. In our shop, you can also buy a Solvatten for private use or send it to someone who does not have access to safe water.


We are always looking for distributors! Contact us for more information.

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Water is a unifying theme

We can all tap into the power of the sun. Solvatten uses the sun we all see every day for treating and heating water. Providing clean and warm water is a basic need and is of particular benefit to women and children.


Solvatten and its ability to deliver a basic human necessity are so unifying that it contributes to all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the Agenda 2030. The complete list of SDGs can become a reality when the public, private sector, and international charities come together. Solvatten serves as a unifying force for collaboration,  delivering on an essential vision: To ensure everybody’s right to clean water and clean energy.


Corporate partners

Non-governmental organizations