Give more people access to safe water

Everything starts with safe water. Get on board and make sure that more people have access to it. Solvatten’s mission is to provide people in developing countries with safe and hot water. We do this by providing a portable water treatment solution that heats and treats water when exposed to natural sunlight - 100% environmentally friendly and safe. By making a donation today, you'll help send Solvaten units to families in need.

See the positive impact of Solvatten

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Tracking Your Impact from Giving to Receiving

Your donation will directly benefit families living without clean water and every Solvatten unit can be tracked from production to arrival at families’ homes. In addition, we work together with local organizations in countries such as Kenya and Uganda who focus on water and improved access to hygiene (WASH+) at the local level. This strengthens our impact even further.

Everything Starts with Safe Water


Founded in 2016, Solvatten Charitable Foundation USA’s mission is to provide people living in developing countries with safe and hot water in a portable, environmentally-friendly way.


We work closely with Solvatten AB by raising funds to help support existing and future Solvatten Safe Water Projects in over 20 countries worldwide.


We also hope to continue to raise awareness of one main challenge facing so many families in developing countries – lack of access to clean and hot water. Solvatten Charitable Foundation USA provides individuals and organizations in the US the opportunity to help support Solvatten’s Safe Water Projects through donations, grants, partnerships, and volunteer opportunities.


Solvatten Charitable Foundation USA (EIN #36-4834461) is a registered 501(c)3 organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law and can be made online by clicking here.


Checks can be mailed to our US mailing address at 5655 Silver Creek Valley Road., #652, San Jose, CA, 95138.



Our board members:

    • Gayathri Raghavendra, Chairperson
    • Erica Krishnamurthy, Secretary
    • Vanita Chhabra, Treasurer
    • Petra Wadström, Founder & Board Member
    • Mats Wennberg, Board Member
    • Matt Garrett, Board Member
    • David  Wadström, Board Member

For more information, please contact us at

Your donation improves lives

Solvatten is a Winner of UNFCCC’s Momentum for Change -LightHouse Award. It is being highlighted that Solvatten contributes to UN SDG’s since it is opening new ways for energy efficiency and contributes clean water to the people most exposed to climate change. It is about eradicating poverty, protecting our land and ensuring prosperity and a sustainble future for all.

"Solvatten is one of the brightest examples of Climate solutions that are making a real difference"

Chiristiana Figueres
Former UNFCCC Executive Director

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