Everything starts with clean water

What we do

Just add sun

Solvatten is water treatment and solar water heating in one. It prevents people from falling sick and improves the quality of life.

45projects with different partners

20countries are using our product

240thousand users across the world


We can do a lot but we can’t do it alone

By investing in a Solvatten project your business will reduce its carbon footprint. Furthermore it will contribute to improving health and lives in developing countries and with that a better future for all.


100 Women hereos

September 2019. "100 Women Heroes"

Solvatten founder Petra Wadström is featured in great company of 100 Swedish women making an impact on the world. Book release by Max Ström publications.

Said about us

“What a wonderful achievement, it is a great story you tell.”

Barack Obama

Former President, USA

“I thank Solvatten for what it has done for our lives. It really saved us when we needed to be saved. So Solvatten has done something very important, and very wonderful.”

Roseline Omekuba

Smallholder, Kabula, Kenya

“Solvatten is a lighthouse activity and a beacon of light to inspire everyone to take climate action.”

Ban Ki-Moon

Former General Secretary, UN