Meeting friends from Nepal at SIWI Conference. World water week , Stockholm 2023


5 takeaways from World water week

Its always a pleassure to attend the World water week in Stockholm. We meet colleagues and get inspiration and share insights. This is five takeways that we learned this time: 

Enabling youth movement

Empowering youth by providing education on environmental issues, as well as providing a platform to voice their concerns and solutions is key in order to cultivate the change makers of tomorrow. The UN has lowered its minimum age – as a way to provide youth ambassadors as part of the Young Professional Programme (YPP)


Private contractors convey trust

Although government-sanctioned initiatives may be associated with big change, it’s not synonymous with quality or reliance – in all parts of the world. According to Dr. Boccaletti, Global Managing Director for Water at The Nature Conservancy, contractors are considered more reliable and consistent quality in their delivery across the board.


Local connection

Knowledge and understanding of the local conditions means more effective and efficient initiatives. Local presence during delivery and implementation largely eliminates logistic problems and helps contractors ensure quality throughout. Local understanding allows practitioners to engage with community leaders and members, involve them in decision-making, and make them an integral part of the process.


Partnership is key

Gathering specialists in different areas of expertise and coming together to solve issues is effective as each agent functions as a part of a bigger machinery. Creative problem-solving gets exponential growth when looked at through a variety of lenses.


Big data for localized success

Utilize data for both research and evaluation! By gathering data on very specific points of interest and areas, it’s easier to make sure the initiatives are targeted where they will make the biggest impact.  

There are many mother hot topics but they all have to do with water one way or another.

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