8 ways Solvatten stands out against other solutions


The Solvatten product saves cost versus than other water purification solutions like filter/chemicals and water heaters. There is no need for spare parts, batteries or supplies are needed, just sunlight. Other solar products mostly rely on batteries with low durability.


  1. The water treated by a Solvatten unit will be purified to highest level of WHO standards, destroying germs like parasites, viruses, and bacteria. Sandfilters and chlorine filters cannot reach this level.
  2. Solvatten is easy to use – even a child can use Solvatten.
  3. Solvatten quickly becomes a healthy habit. One reason for that is because access to hot and safe water is something most people aspire to have.
  4. Solvatten is very easy to distribute.
  5. Its low cost delivers significant impact in humanitarian contexts and with little risk.
  6. Solvatten doesn’t affect the taste of the water like chlorine does.
  7. It can be used to bake bread with as yeast will rise in warm water that is chlorine-free.
  8. Solvatten directly addresses all 17 UN-SDGs