Solvatten news

A bottle on every table

Sweden’s most prestigious department store, NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) is currently hosting a promotion for Solvatten. Rum:117 has brought together Solvatten, a bottle manufacture and Vi Agroforestry, to enable shoppers to support the scaling-up of the Solvatten Project in Bungoma, Kenya.


From 16th February specially-designed glass water bottles are on sale in NK Stockholm and Gothenburg, with all the proceeds funding Solvatten units for Vi Agroforestry, Bungoma. As a result, more smallholders in the area will get the chance to buy, at a subsidised price, Solvatten units for their homes. 


To add your support visit the store and buy the bottle or donate €5,70 by sending the text message ”Solvatten” to (+46)729 30. This money will go to a designated Solvatten/Vi Agroforestry account.


Limited edition!