Creating Better Days


Folkpool and Solvatten

Water is an element that brings people together and we love to partner with organizations and companies that are committed to water.


One example is the Swedish company Folkpool, a distributor of pools and spas. Since 2018, Folkpool has promoted an offer that with every pool or spa that they sell, more people will be able to treat water at home with the Solvatten Solar Safe Water System.


The Folkpool and Solvatten partnership helps further the aims of creating cleaner water and reducing environmental pollution in the world. Together, they help ensure that climate-smart solutions, such as UV treatment can be distributed to give people clean water.  The collaboration is also a boost for both Folkpool’s staff and customers.


Visit Folkpool’s stores and get a Solvatten demo and learn more about how you and your purchase of their products can contribute to the Solvatten project in Burkina Faso. Visit Folkpool’s website here.