New Technology Partner

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Input Consulting teams up with Solvatten as a new technology partner. Their strategic competence and holistic approach to data analytics will be of great help as Solvatten tests a new approach to impact data collection and narrative.

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The Soroptimists for women, independence and trees

Friday, February 23, 2018

The Swedish and German Soroptimists have implemented several Solvatten projects in Africa and Nepal. Some of their latest commitments are dedicated to four Kenyan villages; Kisumu, Nakuru, Meru an Maseno. The objective was to reach the most vulnerable people in the areas through local groups, to provide them with a tool to have clean, hot water at home.

Elizabeth Juma Inwonga is one of the women in Kisumu who received a Solvatten through Gita Women’s Group. The community is using unsafe water from the nearby rivers for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The highly contaminated water cause illness and disease, especially during the rainy season as the floods carry garbage and heavy pollutions upstream. Elizabeth, who is taking care of a household of 10 persons, explains that her family has been visiting the hospital about 7 times a month to treat waterborne diseases. Solvatten will improve their health and save them money previously spent on medication and healthcare.

In the city of Meru, Solvatten was distributed through the local Neema Group – a support group for people with disabilities. The members of the group face hard difficulties to many of the daily chores and many are completely dependent on family members help. As a result of the felling of trees, the area is facing environmental destruction. Bare soils along the river banks are heavily eroded during the rains and completely dried up in the dry seasons. A project called ”Fruitable Water Source” combined the issues in one solution through Solvatten! The condition was to plant 10 trees on one’s farm, in exchange for a Solvatten unit. The planted trees will have a positive effect as they will provide shade and fruit as a source of income, and the demand for cutting down remaining trees decrease. A win-win-win solution, for people and planet.

This is historical! I’ve been solely depending on my wife because of my dysfunctional hands and legs. Solvatten is making me more independent! Also, I can give back to the community by offering them safe water for drinking.

— Patrick Gitonga, beneficiary of Solvatten in Meru.

The positive work of the Soroptimists has caught interest in media. In an article in Reuters, a journalist has highlighted one of their previous projects in Emuchimi, Kenya.

You can read the article here!

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With UNHCR in Palabek Kal, Host Community in Uganda

Saturday, July 15, 2017

UNHCR supports beneficiaries in the refugees settlement, host community, boarder points and health centres of Palabek Kal.

Training and demonstration done by LWF staff at Palabek Gem Sub-county, Lamwo district. Uganda.

To date, a total of 300 Solvatten water treatment kits have been distributed to beneficiaries in the refugees settlement, host community, boarder points and health centres (in the settlement and host community). Solvatten is being provided to persons of concern living near streams; hence, might be tempted to fetch and use unsafe water from the nearby streams. This has been realised thanks to our ongoing CSR partnership with NORES and others.

One of the beneficiaries at Ngomoromo border point signing gainst his name on Solvatten distribution form after receiving Solvatten kit.

CSR – What does your company stand for?

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Solvatten is a tool that can help companies connect social and environmental impact with business needs. More and more companies also makes employer engagement a priority. It is important for companies to show commitment and also share what they believe in. Here is one example where WSP is one of Solvatten’s many CSR partners. See the film when employees from WSP making a field visit to a Solvatten project in Kenya.

WSP and Solvatten, Working Together from Solvatten on Vimeo.

We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The number of humanitarian organisations distributing SOLVATTEN grows around the world. We welcome Plan International and the Salvation Army in our mission to help the most disadvantaged families living without safe water. There is an exciting learning experience when working with new NGO´partners.  We supply all sorts of training materials in multi languages where we share our experience of running SOLVATTEN projects. We listen and learn from new partners in various contexts and we welcome more NGO’s to get familiar with our goods and services.

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