The Water Challenge; ain´t no mountain high enough?

IN DEPTH The water challenge: ain´t no mountain high enough? A personal experience of how the world transforms under climate change.  This is Solvatten; where technology meets purpose and long-term benefits, human intervention, bravery, creative energy, and dreams of a better world. “ Meet-Up” is a series of meetings that we want to share to […]

Building Resilience in Tharaka, Nairobi

Tharaka is a semi-arid region where people suffer from a high prevalence of waterborne diseases. Solvatten is helping improve health through cleaner water.

Preventing Cholera in Kakuma, Kenya

In Kakuma, Kenya resource-related conflicts lead to limited access to water, malnutrition, and starvation. Solvatten is delivering cleaner water and improved quality of life for residents.