Clean Water Improves Health in the Short and Long Term


Apoteket has sought a suitable way to take responsibility for its climate impact as well as to increase the pace of its sustainability work. With Solvatten as climate compensation, trees can remain instead of being cut down for firewood.

This means that more trees will remain and will store more carbon dioxide. In addition, people who are most affected by climate change will be more resilient. Apoteket sees a clear connection between its own operations and the opportunities to contribute with knowledge of hygiene and health through this smart Swedish innovation.

Where the need is greatest

As much as 80% of the diseases in developing countries are due to dirty water. In many places, people need to boil water before use, but electricity is often lacking and wood burning is the most common option. But when the forest is fired up, the opportunities to live there also diminish. By using renewable energy for water treatment, many diseases can be prevented and avoided.

Typhoid, diarrhea, and stomach infections are dangerous – especially for young children when they are particularly vulnerable. Everything starts with clean water and hygiene.

Make a real difference

The solar water jerry cans are shipped from Sweden and reach out to vulnerable families in Kenya through local aid organizations.  When the project starts, the user families get hygiene and health training, which also helps them to improve their health.

With Solvatten jerry cans, the user families are better placed to cope with extreme weather and the risks for disease spread are reduced.

A sustainable future for everyone

More and more people are becoming aware of climate change, but they are the most vulnerable. Together, we can reduce some of the sufferings that are going on in the world. We must think simultaneously in new and long-term solutions in order to ensure a sustainable future for all. It is only by cooperating that this can be achieved.

How does Solvatten help the climate?

1) Enhances the share of renewable energy, which is increasing in the world.

2) Energy and water use are made more efficient.  

3) It provides a sustainable socio-economic advantage such as a better economy, a higher social status, better living conditions for women in, particularly, climate-affected countries.

4) The trees remain, providing multiple benefits such as shade, food, water purification, and CO2 binding.

What is Solvatten?

Solvatten is a social enterprise that produces and distributes a sustainable solar-powered water treatment solution to people, primarily women, and children who live without clean water. More than 350,000 people today have direct use of Solvatten.