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CSR with Swedish company Middagsfrid

The Swedish company Middagsfrid have made a substantial contribution to Solvatten by investing 10% of their 2009 profit in voluntary carbon emission reductions. Middagsfrid is taking the lead and challenges larger companies to do the same. Providing this solution is a way to achieve both socio-economic development and positive environmental impact. Victor Theander, owner of Middagsfrid comments:


”We do this on a voluntary basis. It is the ideological aspects of this project that have been the key driver. We found Solvatten to be the most interesting solution to offset the emissions our business generates”.


Middagsfrid is working in cooperation with Tricorona, a global carbon emission trader. Tricorona is developing climate projects with Solvatten since the technology reduces the use of firewood and other fuels. If your company would like to know how to participate, please contact us!