Debaser Goes Solvatten

Drinks, food and music in Stockholm? Plus discover the Solvatten Solar Water project – all at Debaser.


Annelie Telford is the founder of the venue and she knows one or two things about inspiring and wake emotions. By supporting Solvatten and getting involved in environmental issues she is a true change maker. We asked her some questions about her thoughts on climate change and water.


Interview with Annelie Telford, CEO at Debaser:


Q: Hi Annelie, what do you think about the situation that the world is rapidly warming?

AT: The situation forces us to work on all fronts and aspects of climate change. All individuals need to be conscious consumers and think about their choices and priorities. Everybody won’t come to the same conclusions, but we need to think about our part in global warming and what we as individuals are ready to do about it. Companies need to change their ways to secure the planet and in the long run also the companies’ survival. Politicians need to stop thinking so much about if their politics is what most people will vote for and instead start working for a politics that is sustainable, and how we get there. All three parts are equally important. 


Q: How did you come to think of Solvatten to alleviate some of the consequences of climate change?

AT: I read about Solvatten and I just love the invention and idea. A product that gives clean water to the most vulnerable in an environmentally friendly way that also empowers women. Solvatten is a long term good investment that allows trees and bushes to remain where they belong, instead of being cut down and burned up as fuel for boiling water to kill dangerous bacteria. 

It also gives women and children more time to do other activities than collecting fuelwood and walking long distances collecting clean water. It therefore, empowers them since the women are the ones using Solvatten the most and being educated in how to use them, and forward that knowledge to other women. We do not yet know how long a Solvatten lasts, but at least 8 years since that is how long the first ones distributed has lasted. It is a great invention and product that we at Debaser are glad to spread the knowledge and be part of!


Check out Debaser this weekend and see the Solvatten unit on display.