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Our main objective is to decrease water and hygiene-related diseases in off-grid regions, by providing access to safe and hot water through solar energy. This improves families’ health and socio-economic conditions, while decreasing the human dependence on firewood for the most primary needs. So far, Solvatten has reached more than 380 000 people through various programs and partnerships all over the world.


To add value to the programs, Solvatten is implemented in cross-sectoral interventions and community initiatives related to education, WASH, equality, environment or climate. For example, this has been done by combining Solvatten with school programs, women-saving groups, planting of trees and creating safe water storage or “Tippy Taps” for easy hand washing. For project insight, go to Stories or read more about our current activities below. 

Aktuella projekt


Hur projekt fungerar

Our partners are essential in the process of connecting Solvatten to the people who need it most. These are the steps to take. 

Read more about how here.


Field work and implementation

With a couple of weeks time to ramp up,  we can deliver 10.000 Solvatten per month. We can also provide training packages, translation services, arrange transportation and support on the ground activities. See the value created by 10.000 units. Check the Solvatten Metrics here. This is how it will have effect on the SDG’s. Read related posts here:



Impact on UN's Sustainable Development Goals