Government of Haiti purchases SOLVATTEN

The Ministry of Environment in Haiti has purchased SOLVATTEN Safe Water System, to launch a large health, environment and empowerment program called The Green Haiti Project.


This five year initiative will provide Haitian families with environmentally-friendly household kits including energy efficient cook stoves, solar lamps and Solvatten. Furthermore the beneficiaries will be educated and involved in planting trees and protect natural resources. This initiative supports the national objectives to rebuild Haiti in a socio-economical and ecological way. Fondation Seguin, a Haitian environmental NGO will manage the Green Haiti Project with its partners to achieve this ambitious long term goal.


Serge Cantave Jr, Executif Director, Fondation Seguin:


“We want to live in a better country, a greener and more sustainable Haiti. Urgent action is required to halt the progressive and frightening deterioration and destruction of the environment in Seguin (South East Haiti) before it is too late. It is necessary that we all get involved in the future of our country in every relevant sector, particularly in programs for environmental protection.”


Unsustainable use of resources has contributed to Haiti’s poverty, and many of those same problems are now impeding its recovery directly. For instance tree cover is crucial to prevent soil erosion yet deforestation continues at an alarming rate. Forest cover in the country has been reduced from 60% to less that 2% by savage and uncontrolled logging. With its largest city in ruins and a decentralization plan, thousands of Haitians have been relocated to the countryside for subsistence living and other small commerce programs, but this countryside is bereft of trees, has poor soil and inadequate water supply. Misuse of natural resources contributes to many of the disasters and the country lacks the economic strength to withstand and recover from the destruction.


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