It is our collective responsibility to actively engage a transformational world, it is even more ideal for us to engage the most deprived communities in this transformational world. The desire to achieve slum development and poverty eradication in the long run is the driving force behind this initiative.

Ian Calvin Waiswa, the founder and director to the SSPP, says adding that the opportunity to contribute to society gives a kind of satisfaction not even food can provide. It is a commitment Ian has devoted his life to.

Supported by the venture philanthropy operated charity IKARE Ltd, UK, EUNISCA-SSPP in 2014 in co-operation with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the Kikoni Slum, embarked on a hygiene, sanitation initiative to improve access to clean water for these communities. Further to cleaning and repairing wells as well as water collection points, the initiative also piloted the introduction of Solvatten.