The International charity SOS Children Village in Calumbiro, Angola received a donation of Solvatten from the Swedish organisation, The Soroptimists. The distribution was made through a Family Strengthening Program, a program that prevents child abandonment within the family of origin by supporting the families to ensure that children ́s rights are not violated or neglected.

SOS Soroptimist

One of the beneficiaries, Ms Peio describes how her life changed to the better with Solvatten. Her husband passed away two years ago, left behind six children. She fills up the unit twice per day, treating up to 20 liters of water for drink, cook and bath. The water for drinking purposes is stored in clean container to cool. She estimates that she spends 200,00 kz per day (USD 2,00) for woods and charcoal. Solvatten has helped her reduce her expenditure to 100,00 kz (USD 1,00) per day.

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