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Katerva Award nominates Solvatten

Solvatten is proud to have been nominated by Katerva as one of the most sustainable solution for tomorrow! The purpose of the Katerva Awards is to identify and amplify the world’s most innovative and promising new ideas and initiatives in sustainability.


The Katerva Award Council, made up of renowned experts in global innovation, progress and ingenuity, meets in December to determine the grand prize winner of the Katerva Award from among the ten Category Winners. The Katerva Award goes to the most promising idea on the planet.


Katerva’s mission is to create the first truly open worldwide platform for change. Created in 2010 and registered as a UK-based Charity, Katerva is the brainchild of innovation guru Terry Waghorn. In today’s world of unprecedented challenges, Katerva’s network of networks is a new kind of structure based on inclusiveness, collaboration and transparency; designed to convene, catalyse and accelerate breakthrough solutions to global challenges. Katerva’s approach places emphasis squarely on action for a sustainable future—creating and implementing solutions to sustainability-related concerns. 2012 marks the second year of the Katerva Award.


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