New collaboration provides Solvatten for Syrian schools


Worldwide, people’s lives depend on water. Due to poverty, lack of infrastructure and ongoing conflicts, too many live in the scarcity of basic human needs. The seven-year Syrian war has affected millions of lives. A project called 1 drop 2 lives are dedicated to supporting children in need by providing them with Solvatten and milk.

In the north west of Syria, in the areas of Iblid and Latakia, there are more than 1,500 schools and 1,500 000 people suffering from limited access to clean water and nutrition. Idlib has become the largest remaining rebel stronghold in Syria, where experts predict the worst conflicts and battles ahead to take place. The project 1 drop 2 lives has come up with a package solution for organizations, companies and people who wish to help children in need. By ordering 100 units of lactose intolerance test kits for employees or members of an organization to take, one will contribute to a donation of 5 Solvatten units and 4000 glasses of milk for the schools in the area.


We hope that this project will bring hope and sheds of light to many lives affected by the conflict by providing children with clean water, nutrition and improved health!