Community Action for Nature Conservation

We are proud to present Solvatten’s new partnership with the organization CANCO in Kenya! 

Community Action for Nature Conservation (CANCO) is a public interest Environmental Civil Society Organization advocating for and contributing to good environmental governance, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and responsible development.

In early October, CANCO received 792 units of Solvatten to distribute to families in Kwale and Taita-Taveta Counties in coastal Kenya. The project will, in particular, target women involved in small-scale fishing. The CANCO-Solvatten safe water system will significantly benefit vulnerable communities living in poverty without access to clean and safe water.

Photograph: A group of women participating in CANCO’s Solvatten Workshop Training. 

Last week, Erika and Petra from the Solvatten team visited Jimbo village where a number of new Solvatten beneficiaries live. Hafifi, Rashid and their six children have used Solvatten for two weeks. Their primary water source is from a well and a tank with rainwater. They use Solvatten to make the water safe and hot and use it for drinking, bathing and washing utensils.

“Solvatten is great!” said Hafifi. “It saves me time and money. I also like it because it preserves the trees.”

Jimbo village has an environmental group doing impressive work restoring mangroves and improving livelihood and awareness. The group is supported by CANCO in collaboration with international actors such as SSNC, GIZ, the EU, as well as the Kenyan government.

“We are happy to start this Solvatten project in Jimbo. It is a strong community doing vital advocacy work. However, access to clean water is scarce, and people still depend on charcoal and firewood to make water safe. This technology will improve many people’s lives and mitigate climate change simultaneously”, said Becha Hadley, executive director of CANCO.

We are excited about this new partnership and looking froward to sharing stories from the project further on!

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