Nominated Swedish Environmental Hero

Each year, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet shares stories about everyday heroes who have somehow showed great civil courage, support and compassion for other human beings and nature. Among these, a jury later nominates seven “Swedish Heroes” in different categories: citizen of the year, environmental hero, care hero, life saviour and youth heroes. 


In late August, Aftonbladet’s headline read: “Swedish Petra’s invention gives hundreds of thousands of people access to safe water.” The article tells the story of how and why Solvatten was first developed and invented, and how the result today benefits more than 400.000 people in 20+ different countries, their local environment and the global climate. 


“I hope that our work and Solvatten can inspire others. There are potential ways of finding solutions. Giving up is not an alternative”
– Petra Wadström


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This article was originally written in Swedish.

Petra Wadström