Protect what you love: Colin´s story

Colin Owachgiu is 32 years old and lives in Gotmoyo village, in Nebbi, Northern Uganda. Colin lives with his wife and three children aged 7, 5, and 3 years old. They sustain their living as peasant farmers of cassava, maize, cotton, and beans which they sell in the market. The eldest children walk 1,5 hours to school every day.  

The family´s house and cassava drying in the sun

The family has used Solvatten for 2 years and they use it 2-3 times/day.

“Since we started using Solvatten we have noticed less incidence of waterborne diseases. We also don´t have to collect firewood from the bush every day like we used to. Solvatten will last for a long time if you take care of it. We use the water for drinking, bathing, and making tea. Another positive thing is that we save money for our children´s education. The school fee is 13 000 UGX/month (= 3,4 USD), plus we need to buy books, pens, and a uniform.” 

The family collects water for consumption at a river located 1,5 km from the house. The river is an open watercourse used by humans and animals alike. The family members walk to the river 2 times/day and collect 4 jerry cans/day which equals around 80 liters of water. 

By using Solvatten Colin can protect what he loves; his family.  

This Solvatten project is a partnership between Solvatten and Plan International Canada & Uganda.