Solvatten has participated in different projects across West Africa. In the academic study Sanitary, economic and environmental impacts of Solvatten in the West African peri-urban context: case of Dialakorodji, Bamako (Mali) Dr. Becaye analyses multiple benefits for the inhabitants of this Malian town using Solvatten. 

Approximately 49% of Dialakorodji population has no access to drinking water and use essentially traditional wells which are highly exposed to contamination risk. 

Finding drinking water is an almost daily chore for women. Thus, during the dry season, 43% of them spend one to two hours  searching the necessary quantity of water, estimated to almost 4 litres per person per day.

Health Impact

The study  noticed a reduction of the prevalence of diarrheal disease from 27% to 11.6% among children under 5 years old.  Moreover, Solvatten reduced the exposure to smokes and gases from firewood and charcoal, as well as a significant reduction of firewood and charcoal consumption.

Economic Impact

Significant savings were reported by households: 7.8US$/month on theā€¯energy”budget and 8US$ per month on health expenses;

Environmental Impact

There is a reduction of 0.5 kg firewood/household/day and 0.9 kg charcoal/household/day in their use, which has been of real impact on the environment as well as the global warming by avoiding emission of 2 080kgCO2eq / Solvatten unit /year.