Shared Value Partnership

Collaboration is Key to Ensure Success

Everybody Can Contribute. Creating shared goals within a community such as giving birth at a hospital, planting trees or building latrines allow NGOs to create incentives to deliver their work in public health, education and the protection of the environment.


As a social enterprise, Solvatten supports community-led initiatives to work on sustainable development. This support is one of the key principles at Solvatten, as Petra Wadström, inventor and founder of Solvatten, says: “I’m a firm believer in self-help, so it’s important that those we’re trying to reach also contribute with something for Solvatten. This will mean that it will be used more frequently, appreciated more, and that it will be taken care of.”


We are inspired by the progress that our partners are making to meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, the clock is counting down for 2030 to eradicate extreme poverty and we do not want to miss any opportunity to help advance the work of different organizations towards sustainable development and decarbonisation. Solvatten works to inspire other entrepreneurs and innovators to raise their voice and come up with great solutions to address climate change.


Creating Value Together

Solvatten can add value in many ways that are easy to measure. We believe that any project we engage in has cost sharing as a component. It is important that we share the efforts and that everyone contributes with something to make a successful and sustained impact. A general principal is when people are enrolling in a project, they pay the enrolling fee to cover some of the project operating costs.


Please read below examples for the different areas of cost-sharing with NGOs and Government Organizations. Hopefully they can trigger new ideas for you to better calculate your impact and spark ideas on ways Solvatten can add value to your mission.

Reforestation NGOs and Departments of Forestry:

To obtain a Solvatten unit, users must preserve trees.

In Uganda, Solvatten has worked in partnership with EcoTrust Uganda and chain local organizations that identify the environmental issues around Uganda. We work directly with the communities experiencing these issues and Solvatten helped these organizations reduce deforestation by distributing Solvatten jerry cans. Eco Trust maintains records of the amount of firewood that has been saved from burning and they work out the carbon dioxide that has been saved from entering our atmosphere.


NGOs and Government Organizations Working in Public Health

Solvatten provides an incentive for mothers to give birth in a clinic and vaccinate their children.


In southern Kenya near Mombasa, Solvatten collaborated with Kinondo Kwetu Trust Fund, which is a private health clinic that has been set up to help the local communities with basic health services. Solvatten collaborated to stop the increase of waterborne diseases in children under five years old. In order to obtain a Solvatten unit, there were conditions for these families such as giving birth at the clinic and vaccinating the children. Failure to do so would require them to return the jerry cans to the clinic to help other families. 


NGOs and Government Organizations Working in Sanitation


To get Solvatten units, families needed to build and maintain sanitation facilities.


In Kenya, Solvatten collaborated with IKARE Ltd, UK, EUNISCA-SSPP in co-operation with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the Kikoni Slum. This collaboration was a hygiene and sanitation initiative to improve access to clean water for these communities. In order to get Solvatten jerry cans, families needed to build and maintain  sanitation facilities.
*Hygiene infrastructure per year in a Kenyan school costs $ 108.


Supporting Farmer Cooperatives

To get a Solvatten unit, farmers need to care for trees in their fields.


In Kenya, Solvatten collaborated with sugar and coffee grower cooperatives. Solvatten improved the lives for farmers suffering from poor water quality, to improve their well-being, health and prosperity, to strengthen the value change and to add value to women cooperatives and local coffee farmer organizations. Solvatten jerry cans were distributed provided that farmers were caring for trees planted in their fields. These trees are vital to give shade to the coffee bushes.
* A coffee plant in Kenya can produce 40 kilograms of coffee in its life.


Incentive to Enroll in Loans and Savings Groups

To get a Solvatten unit, women needed to engage in their local cooperatives.


In Bungoma, Kenya, Solvatten collaborated with a women-led cooperative. The Solvatten jerry cans were an incentive for women to enroll in this cooperative where they would have access to micro-loans to sustain their domestic economies.


Humanitarian Aid

Providing energy to people in a humanitarian crisis such as refugee camps is costly, and Solvatten can reduce energy cost while helping refugees to start a new life when the humanitarian crisis is over.


In Kenya and Uganda, Solvatten has been supplied in refugee camps. In Uganda, UNHCR supports people in the refugees settlement, host community, border points and health centers of Palabek Kal. These users needed to take responsibility to use and to store the water safely when this is possible.


Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Incentivizing to improve hygiene standards and homes. 

In Mali a partnership was set up with Water and Sanitation for Africa. To get Solvatten units, users were aided in kitchen building and improvement and asked to store water safely. This was the condition to keep the Solvatten jerry cans.


Benefits for Staff 

A healthy life ensures a better work place and better results. Many NGOs use Solvatten in their working places in rural compounds. They save money from buying bottled water while reducing plastic waste. In Uganda, Kakira Sugar Works Ltd. uses Solvatten to provide a safe working environment for their employees and the public, creating healthy workplaces and homes.


Building Trust

Solvatten has spent 10 years of building the know-how, experience and results around the clean, warm water concept; we see impact, we have gained recognition and acceptance, and we have built trust from NGOs, governments, community groups, academic institutions, and donors. We seek partnerships with health, forestation, and climate-orientated organizations  as well as micro pay-as you-go service providers so that we can offer our users, organizations, and governments the tools they need to create positive change in life and in society.


Solvatten is an accredited supplier to 18 UN organizations including UNICEF, UNEP, FAO, WFP and UNDP. More than 15 renowned NGOs have conducted projects with the Solvatten technology.


A variety of projects have been implemented using Solvatten as a key component. We continue to explore and expand the reach of  Solvatten through various projects and distribution models. We are especially interested in collaborating with NGOs and Government Organizations working in these areas:

  • WASH programs
  • HIV/AIDS clinics
  • Health/maternity clinics
  • Climate/energy efficiency projects
  • Youth Entrepreneurs
  • Savings and Loans Groups
  • Nutrition programs


Solvatten addresses global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change. Since 2007, Solvatten has  initiated 45 projects reaching over 370,000 people living in more than 20 developing countries. From its inception, Solvatten has worked in collaboration with NGOs and governments to advance sustainable development in countries where families do not have basic infrastructure.


Let’s join forces and work together for change!