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Solvatten has been nominated for 2012 Katerva Award

We are proud to announce that Solvatten has been nominated for 2012 Katerva Award!


Introduction to the Katerva Award with information from the website:


”Katerva identifies the best ideas on the planet and accelerates them toward impact at the global level. Measuring sustainability is becoming more and more possible. The real issue, however, is not measurement, but comparability. How do we compare a company that reduces pollution with a company that provides community education opportunities?


Katerva believes that the key is to create a set of diagnostic tools based upon a small set of aspiration based principles rather than a seemingly endless list of arbitrary rules. We are building these tools today. These tools will include an instrument focused on evaluating individual behavior, another focused on evaluating new initiatives and ideas, and a third focused on evaluating corporate behavior. All three will later be aggregated into a fourth instrument – a ‘Global Sustainability Index.’


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