Think about giving birth in a place where the storm of a century has hit, with no safe water, no electricity and no light. Gone are the conveniences of modern living at time when it is most needed. This is the reality of many mothers and infants in the Phillipines today. As water infrastructure has been damaged and electric supply is not expected to be functional for a long time, many of the health facilities do not have access to clean, safe and warm water. These challenges can be critical to the health of the mother and a new born.

PLAN International can now through generous support of Qatar Airways, WSP Sweden and Stockholm Business Region distribute the Swedish Solvatten solution  to mothers and their new-borns. The systems will help the damaged community health facilities in Leyte and Samar, as part of the program “Supporting basic and essential maternal, new-born and child health and nutrition activities after typhoon Yolanda”. 

”The access to safe, warm water when giving birth reduces the risk of life- threatening infections. Solvatten is a tool that makes water safe to use and helps to improve hygiene, which is important for health”, says Petra Wadström, founder and CEO of Solvatten.

This cooperation has been realized through Qatar Airways, WSP Sweden and Stockholm Business Region. With the help from PLAN International, Solvatten is now reaching some of the most exposed health clinics hit by the typhoon.
“Since Qatar Airways traffics two airports in Manila, it was natural for us to find a way to help residents in the Philippines who have been affected by the typhoon. This is our second disaster relief response where we contribute with Solvatten to assist a humanitarian project- last time was during the floods in Pakistan. We have seen how Solvatten contributes long-term and gives fundamental help to many people, and we felt it was important to contribute once again. The Plan International project is very important and we are grateful that they assist with the distribution of Solvatten on location”, says Günter Saurwein, Nordic Manager for Qatar Airways.

“About 24 000 deliveries take place every day in the areas affected by typhoon Haiyan and most of the clinics are destroyed. Plan is very greatful for this contribution – clean water is essential to provide safe care for pregnant mothers and newborns, who are among the most vulnerable groups in disasters like this” says Sofia Klemming Nordenskiold spokesperson for Plan International who recently visited the affected areas in the Philippines.

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