Improving People's Lives -Step by step


Saving money and time is key in messaging

Solvatten works in partnership with global and local organizations, foundations, companies and governments to connect millions of people to safe and hot water. Our partners are essential in the process of connecting Solvatten to the people who need it most. Ensuring sustained use and a small learning curve by beneficiaries are central to success and our local field partners work with driving motivation and building trust with users. We have seven basic steps that we use to ensure success:

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Planning stage

The first step is a thorough needs assessment. For instance, a project may aim to increase the availability of clean and hot water in off-grid households using renewable energy. We consider what the potential benefits will be and we set clear indicators to assess them.

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Larger shipments are sent by sea and, depending on the destination, can take 1-2 months. Air freight is only possible for specific cases. Tax-exemption status of the partner organization makes import cheaper and easier. 

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Community Outreach

The partner organization makes the necessary preparations and meets with stake holders—local government, village chiefs, and other relevant people—to make sure Solvatten will be well-received.

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Training Workshop

We support our partners by conducting training sessions over Skype with the project managers or other relevant people who will be distributing Solvatten. This allows time for questions from the project partner to ensure they are able to accurately advise the users.

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Distribution to Households

During distribution, training is provided on how to effectively use Solvatten. When possible, there is a follow-up visit with an individual or group to ensure Solvatten is being used to its full potential and to answer any new questions.


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Monitoring & Evaluation

It’s important to establish a list of data-points to track key success factors. Then, measure and record these factors to gain a clear idea of the metrics before using Solvatten and the impact it has had after its implementation.


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Share Your Stories

Project reporting can be done in many ways. Sometimes a written report is easiest; sometimes a webinar or a video may be a better way to present the project. The voices of users are always important to hear—they can tell us how Solvatten has improved their lives.