Stories for the hammock

As summer holidays are upon us and, we at Solvatten would like to inspire some interesting and insightful reading and listening (they are, of course, equally worthwhile if you are still working). 


Thich Nhat Hanh: Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet

We face a potent intersection of crises: ecological destruction, rising inequality, racial injustice, and the lasting impacts of a devastating pandemic. The situation is beyond urgent. To face these challenges, we need to find ways to strengthen our clarity, compassion, and courage to act.

Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh is blazingly clear: there’s one thing we all have the power to change, which can make all the difference, and that is our mind. Our way of looking, seeing, and thinking determines every choice we make, the everyday actions we take or avoid, how we relate to those we love or oppose, and how we react in a crisis.

Andri Snaer Magnason: On Time and Water

A fascinating book for various reasons, one being the mythological connection between melting ice, water, and people. Diverse cultures and mythologies share a common perspective regarding the need to protect the environment.

Read our interview with Andri here. 

Maja Lunde’s Climate Quartet

Maja Lunde has so far published three out of four books belonging the the “Climate Quartet”: Binas historia/The History of Bees (2015), Blå/The End of the Ocean (2017) and Przewalski’s Häst/The Last Wild Horses (2019). 

Each novel has parallel storylines that play out both in our time and somewhere in our not-too-distant future, in addition to gazing back at our past. All four explore humans in nature and the consequences of the choices we make, not only with regard to nature and the climate but also the people around us. Because it is through the exploration of our closest boundaries – within families, between lovers, between parents and children – one best sees the reflections of the larger picture.


Women Mind the Water

A podcast hosted by Dr Pam Ferris-Olson and founder of Women Mind the Water, a platform that shares both issue-based stories and art related to ocean and conservation. The podcast sees Pam chat with varying activists and artists about their connection with the ocean and how it influences on their art. Often deeply personal, these engaging stories will inspire you and move you to take action to protect the ocean. Check it out and listen here.

Skapa till 100 (in Swedish):  

Solvattens grundare Petra Wadström gästar podden ”Skapa till 100” och pratar om:

– vikten av att fortsätta leka
– problemlösning som kreativ motor
– hur det som inte blev som det var tänkt kan bli en banbrytande lösning
– hur man bygger en miljövänlig festivalpissoar
– och om hur en liten svart dunk förbättrat livet för en halv miljon

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