Solvatten has developed a project in Mali with UN Habitat named ”Sanitary, economic and environmental impacts of Solvatten in the West African peri-urban context: case of Dialakorodji, Bamako (Mali)” . The Solvatten project is being awarded by the Energy Globe Award, today’s largest platform for sustainability.

The international jury, chaired by Maneka Gandhi, has evaluated all submissions and selected the national winners. Solvatten was selected best project and will be honored with the national Energy Globe Award Mali. The projects of all national Energy Globe winners will be presented on 5 June, the UN’s World Environment Day to a global public on www.energyglobe.info. Energy Globe Award is considered the most prominent environmental award worldwide. It is awarded on a local, national and international level every year.

Jury stated:

”Use of biomass and fossil fuels for water disinfection and heating is widespread. It is estimated that 70 % of household income in Africa are spent on energy. This year´s National Winner of the Energy Globe Award for Mali has invented an affordable solution for each African household: Solvatten is using the sunlight in order to produce safe drinking water. It treats and heats 11 liters of water in 2-6 hours, depending on the actual sunlight intensity. The system will last for more than 7 years and additionally helps to reduce carbon emissions. It is a win-win situation for both: humans and environment.”

The UN-Habitat/CREPA/WSA project in Dialakorodji has made a significant impact on both health and fuel consumption. A significant drop of cases of diarrheal disease for children under 5 has been recorded. Economically, significant savings by households was recorded: 7.8 US$/month on the ”energy” budget and 8 US $ per month on health expenses. User acceptance was significant since the number of exposures was on average 3 times per day.

The collaboration fits well to the UN Millennium Goals. As Solvatten addresses the targets directly as it fights child mortality, is a great tool for poverty elevation, improves maternal health and empower the women. UN-Habitat has received funds for the project from the Demo Environment Program being administered by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillväxtverket) and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA).

“Our task and the day- to-day work with assisting the vulnerable people in Bamako, Mali, has been made considerably easier by using Solvatten.”

Erik Moukoro, regional technical advisor: Water for African citizen program, UN habitat (”Nordic Cleantech review” nr 2, 2012)

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