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Sisters around the world

The Soroptimists work to improve the lives of women and girls in more than 60 countries. The member organisation are women in professions and business who work together at local, national and international levels to educate, empower and enable women and girls with an aim to improving their lives. As a strong international network of some 75,000 women, they work for women’s and girls’ rights.


Solvatten to women in Mali, Kenya, Senegal and Nepal

The Soroptimists mission is to transform the lives and status of women and girls through education and empowerment, and Solvatten is a perfect fit for the mission.

Today, the Soroptimists provide communities with Solvatten in a number of African countries and in Nepal. In a recent project, the Soroptimists were especially dedicated to empowering the most vulnerable in four Kenyan regions; Kisumu, Meru, Maseno and Nakuru – each project with a twist of its own. One story was covered by Reuters and can be found here


In the city of Meru, Solvatten was distributed through the local Neema Group – a support group for people with disabilities. The members of the group faced difficulties in most of their daily chores and many were completely dependent on family members for help. As a result of the heavy felling of trees, the area was facing environmental destruction. A project called ”Fruitable Water Source” combined the issues in one solution through Solvatten. The program asked that members plant 10 trees on one’s farm in exchange for a Solvatten unit. The planted trees will have a positive effect as they will provide shade and fruit as a source of income, decreasing the need for cutting down remaining trees. A win-win solution for people and planet!


”We fetch dirty water from the river and use firewood to boil it so that it is safe for drinking and this has been very difficult. Solvatten will solve these problems and increase our ability to save money within the Women’s Group in order to support others.”

— Rose Auma Juma, Chairlady, Gita Women’s Group


The Soroptimists’ fundraisings set inspiring examples of what we can accomplish when working together. This year, their initiative resulted in life improvements for families in Tanzania and Mali.


Do you want to do something similar? Here are three examples of what you can do:

  • Join or support the organizations working with Solvatten
  • Start a fundraiser of your own with colleagues or through an association you belong to
  • Plan a special event for fundraising in your community
Read more about the Soroptimists here or contact us if you have any questions about Solvatten!